Sunday, August 24, 2008

46) Crates and Delivery Truck

11 x 14” watercolor on 300 pound cold press paper - Sold

Looking north from the Packing Shed. The apple collection crates are stacked high in front of the delivery truck. The rain came on the first day I painted (8/8/8) forcing me to retreat and to return two days later. The second day brought with it the threat of rain too, fortunately the storm clouds stayed far to the north.

For some time I thought about painting this scene and hesitated due to the fact that painting the crates in prior works caused me to deliberate far too long in representing the stack, this time I chose to attack the crates quickly using a broad undercoating wash of all the crates then filling in the details of darker values after. The truck turned out well and my quick work with the crates benefited my capturing the truck as mid way through the work Nick needed to drive the truck away.

There is so much color that appears when I sit and observe. Not at first, gradually the reds, purples and blues make their way through the greens of grass. The reds and oranges of the earthen tracks made by truck and tractor, the blues and purples from the gravel road in the foreground. Even the rusty bumper of the truck offers a warm burgundy shade that cuts across the green grass connecting the reds from the truck lights and balancing the apples and dirt path to the left.

Each day brings patterns of new and amazing clouds that tower and billow, as they travel across the sky I try and capture their spirit and movement.

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