Sunday, October 4, 2009

68) Harvest Time With Pumpkins and Mums

11 x 14” watercolor on 300 pound cold press paper
Not For Sale, click HERE for reprints and cards

The last Friday in September sitting outside by the Cider House Store just as the orchard was opening for the day. A row of pumpkins lined the front of the deck on one side with mums on the other. Orange ran throughout the picture from the pumpkins to the shadows in the gravel to the nearby woods and their early signs of autumn foliage. The store sells so much more than apples, pies, cider, and donuts (though this would serve the community just as well if that is all they offered), also are found shelves lined with Vermont products including maple syrup, salsa, shirts, and greeting cards. As an artist I so appreciate this support of the local economy, a passion of Shelburne Orchards.

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