Thursday, December 20, 2007

(23) Food Fest Tent

11 x 14” watercolor on 300 pound cold press paper - $125

September 9. Set up just south of the Packing House and office looking north onto the tent placed between the two buildings. This tent was temporary and in anticipation of the Food Fest (and other harvest festivals at the orchard). Again, I had to work to bring in dark colors. Struggled with the “balled trees” on the left of the road. The tent and tractor came out well. Tried hard to work the negative space of the tent. The office is hidden behind the “balled trees” and chose to use negative white space between the trees instead of painting the dark colors of the office building, which would have washed out the leaves of the trees.

I had fun painting the swirling clouds and the picnic tables in the dark space of the inner tent was a cool find. The light of the late afternoon was magical and I failed to capture the gold and orange glow or the radiance of the leaves as the sun approached a summer dusk. This time of day and year is one of my favorites, the hours of pre dusk and dusk.

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