Wednesday, December 12, 2007

(4) Packing House East View

11 x 14” watercolor on paper - $75

18 x 24” oil on paper - Not for sale

Mid July, the first painting that includes the Packing House. I sat just north of the willow row with my back to the lake. A large swath of red against the varieties of green is catching. I tried to work the trees less (still a struggle) and was content with the willow. It was a hot day and finding a spot in the shade was one reason for this location. The sun late in the afternoon lit up the Warehouse while casting a dark shadow under the willow. I was too timid with the intensity of the red. My first attempt to paint the rows of apple trees.

The oil builds on the swirls of warm and cool colors in the grass and trees adding to the circular effect countering the hard lines of the red Packing House. The pink tint in the clouds and fountain “look” of the willow tree offer a different life compared to the water color.

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