Thursday, December 20, 2007

(30) Hay and Foliage 2

11 x 14” watercolor on 300 pound cold press paper
Not for sale - click HERE for reprints and cards

18 x 24 oil on Bristol paper - Sold

Late October sitting in the north east corner looking north. The foliage was turning including the red of the sumac. Paths were cut through the tall grass allowing for ease of access by pickers. While painting I heard a variety of voices from the trees, all pickers from the public searching for apples towards the end of the harvest. The voices were indistinguishable (male, female, adult and child) and melded together much like the colors of the trees. Despite the dark clouds in the northern skies, a pale yellow light was cast across the grass (short and tall).
The oil allowed me to play with a variety of textures. The trees of the background and sky being flat, the tall grass (hay) thick curving vertical lines and the grass of the foreground small patches and dots of paint.

The tall hay appears to my imagination as the top of a huge brush stuck in the ground handle first with only the very tip of the bristles exposed. Even though the water color is lighter in tones, my memory of the day was much darker, the oil represents this cool cloudy autumn afternoon more as I remember it.

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